Simplicity at its best! Its stylish and elegant character makes the Calla a unique design flower for exclusive arrangements and weekend bouquets with impact.


An elegant houseplant with a stylish design and natural appearance. A versatile eye catcher, also in combination with other plants. Not just for inside!


With a number of Calla tubers in your hand, the weight will already give you an idea of the power of this extraordinary product. The intense attention of growers is translated into highly efficient tubers and especially powerful flowers.

Simply Creative

The Calla is a powerful ‘Design Flower’. Its unique and stylish shapes and the warm, natural colours encourage creative use of the Calla in beautiful arrangements and eye catching bouquets. The Calla is a flower with impact.

Simply Updates

We would not only like to keep you up to date with the latest news and trends, but would also like to share inspiring tips and ways to use Calla flowers and plants. You can also follow Simply Calla on Instagram and Facebook.

Simply Ideas

As a florist you often find inspiration from everyday things, but colleagues from Stockholm or New York can just as easily bring you new ideas for bouquets or arrangements. Simply Calla regularly asks florists to use the Calla in their work. Come and get excited and amazed by their creations and combinations with other flowers.

Simply Business

Growers of Calla flowers, plants and tubers all have something in common. That is their passion for this special and versatile flower. Each day they and their employees put all their energy into the growing of beautiful, powerful and distinguished products, so that florists, garden centres and other retailers can make their customers happy and enrich their business.