Simply Plants

Simply Elegant

The Calla plant is an extraordinarily elegant houseplant with a stylish design and natural appearance. The tuber stems emerge out of the soft green and sometimes spotted leaves with at the end, beautiful chalice shaped bracts as flowers.

The natural colour palette of Calla goes from pure white to deep dark purple, which can even look intense black. Between these extremes are also fresh summery, cheerful colours, from bright yellow to intense red, or deep orange to candy pink. Isn’t it amazing when you find more colours in one flower? Calla does this really well. Yellow with a flourish of orange or white with a stripe of purple!

Simply outside....and inside!

The Calla is one of the few flowering plants which matches beautifully with a modern and minimalist interior. You can create a real design statement with more plants or colours together in one striking pot or trough. The stylish character of the plant also works really well in a presentation with other green or flowering plants (e.g. Orchid, Bromeliad and Anthurium) with different shapes and structures together. And not just inside!

In the Spring and the Summer the Calla is also a fantastic plant for outside, poking playfully between the green shrubbery. The Calla is a surprisingly versatile Summer flower which will quickly give a garden, terrace or balcony an amazing appearance.

Simply Care

A few care tips to extend the shelf life of Calla plants.

1The Calla prefers to stand in half shade. The plant can cope with full sun but will produce more leaves and less coloured flowers.

2The root ball can be slightly damp but definitely not stand in water.

3Giving a bit of plant food each week will promote flowering.

4In the warm months Calla can also shine outside.

5Cut brown leaves away, don’t cut off the dead flowers but pull them, stem and all out of the plant.

Simply Value for Money

The Calla plant is a beautiful plant and definitely not your average bulb in a pot. It is a stylish eye catcher and enriches the range held at florists, garden centres and plant shops. The combination of striking colours provides a powerful, modern and especially sunny effect on the shelves!

The strong and energetic tuber also makes the shelf life of Calla plants unique. Calla plants are carefully grown in around 10 weeks. Because of this consumers can enjoy their purchase for a long time: at least 4 to 6 weeks! Outside even longer in the Summer! The Calla plant also keeps on flowering with new flowers at home on the table or on the balcony. This experience and long shelf life means that the Calla is absolutely a ‘value for money’ plant.

Did you know that the Calla plant is available all year round?