Blue Monday

The most depressing day of the year falls on January 18 in 2021. A great opportunity to surprise your customers with a colorful assortment of cheerful flowers. A few powerful flowers with impact can certainly make the difference for the consumer. After all, flowers make you happy. Especially with a few striking Callas.

Simply Petal

Of course you can make an amazing design statement with a few Calla stems in a vase, but discover the power of Callas with a few stems in green. There are a number of striking green leaf shapes and structures available, which contrast beautifully with the simplicity of the Calla. Provide a bit of extra […]

Simply Festive

If there is one flower which has a festive appearance, that must be the Calla. The chalice shaped flowers look like a champagne flute! The consumer needs especially to escape and party in this Wintery Corona time. Enrich your bouquets and table arrangements with a few Calla stems and give your arrangements a festive boost.

Brighten up…..

The development of Corona has significantly affected society through fear, uncertainty and a lack of clarity. Especially in these dark days the consumer needs optimism and joy. You can easily and simply bring colour into your home with flowers and plants.

Christmas Tree Out

The Christmas decorations are cleaned up again. Empty bare spots are created in the living environment of the consumer. A promising moment for florists and garden centers to help customers replenish these places with combinations of plants and other decorations. As a professional you can also show your relevance at such moments. In your store, […]

Illuminating Yellow

The new ‘Pantone Color of the year 2021’ is Illuminating Yellow. This is a lively and hopeful colour with a definitely positive message and totally fitting to current times. Give your bouquets hope and positivity by adding a number of yellow flowers. What do you think of adding powerful yellow Calla’s to your arrangement?

Flowers with Impact

A new year, with new opportunities for you as a florist. These days are a great time to think about the way you can make a difference in your local market. With your skills, creativity, presentations, merchandising and of course the products you offer. Should you embrace a few key flowers that can help you […]